Brett Axell, a singer and songwriter who uses a full range of vocal prowess to distinguish himself from many singers of this generation. He is an artist exploring genre-bending styles delivering a refreshing openness, engaging in a bold, honest journey in Love, Hate, Hope and Forgiveness.  


Born in Guyana, South America, Brett Axell was raised in a devoutly household by his parents who eventually moved to the U.S. Axell had been playing music since a child but in Florida at Northport Middle School the music director Shirley Lyons ignited a passion for music which would lead into music becoming a career path. Throughout his life journey he kept busy with studies at Indian River Community College, Appalachian State University and Roosevelt University. Axell continued pursing a musical career frequently making appearances on stage, at sporting events and with symphonies. 


His revelatory musical exploration lead to a wide-open sound straddling across genres, and a song-writing style that embraces a lyrical humanness that is needed in the world today displayed in his first EP DOORS.  The seven-track EP DOORS strength lies in acknowledging no boundaries between styles or eras, creating a sound that is idiosyncratic and personal. Elements of soul, pop, R&B, and rock can be heard in his hit “Loving Between Teardrops”.